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155cm Blonde Small Breasts Big Ass Realistic Love Doll

black friday

  • Leading Factory: Price is 50% Lower Than The Industry Average

  • TPE Material: Soft to Touch and Feeling Nearly As Real. No Health Risk

  • Local Warehouse: Arrived within 2 to 7 Business days

$699.00 $759.00
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Choose Your Eye Color
Choose Your Skin Color
Choose Your Pubic Hair
Choose Your Vagina
Choose Your Standing

Guarantee: You will get 100% same as picture .


Material:Medical TPE
Upper Bust:28.74in(73cm)
Lower Bust:24.02in(61cm)
Cup Size:B CUP
Arm Length:18.90in(48cm)
Palm Length:5.1in(13cm)
Leg Length:30.50in(80cm)
Foot Length:6.70in(17cm)
Eyes Color:Brown(Optional)
Hair Color:Golden(Optional)
Oral Depth:5.12in(13cm)
Anal Depth:5.91in(15cm)
Vagina Depth:7.87in(20cm)
Packing Size:(59.10in*17.72in*11.81in) (150cm*45cm*30cm)

Package includes:

1 * Sex Doll
1 * Wig
1 * Blanket
1 * English Manual
1 * Vagina cleaning tool
1 * Clothes(Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)

Why choose our sex doll?

We offer the best selection of affordable and high quality realistic sex dolls. Why we have great deals and prices? Our goal is to find you the best doll so you can make your dreams come true, and in order to do that, we have partnered with the top manufacturers in China to bring you the best models, prices and customization options. Whether you are looking into TPE, silicone, mini dolls or realistic size sex dolls, we are your best choice. Our team will make sure to guarantee the best customer experience and to ensure that we offer you the doll that fits your needs the best.

Free Shipping and Secure Payments
We offer FREE Shipping for most countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, South America, etc) and we respect your privacy, there is no labeling on the box that might reveal the content, and if you prefer we can ship to a Fedex store instead of your address, so you can pick up your love doll at your convenience. We will send you a tracking number once your doll is shipped, and we use Fedex and DHL to speed up shipping and guarantee a safe delivery.

Payments are secured by our customer privacy policy
We don’t store your credit card information and we use Paypal to guarantee and protect your credit card information and payments (no Paypal account required, you can pay with debit and credit card). If you prefer to use a bank wire, please contact us.

What are the differences between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls?
Both materials are great and have a feel like real skin. TPE has become more popular because it is easier to sculpt and sex doll sculptors have created really sexy and realistic models. Silicone is great, a little bit cleaner and can be heated for a longer period of time, so we offer heat systems for our silicone dolls.

All our dolls have a flexible and fully articulated skeleton that will allow you to use them in any position you ever imagined. All our dolls have been sculptured by experience sculptors and created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. Both TPE and silicone are waterproof.

You can customize your doll, select different body sizes, heads, breasts and body parts. Please have a look at the customization options in every product, and if you have any question contact our team by email, chat or phone and we will make sure that we help you customizing your sex doll according to your desires.

Sex Doll FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our sex dolls and company? Great! We've compiled a list of questions we frequently get asked and provided the answers below.
If you don't see your question on the list feel free to contact us by  Email.

What is the difference between silicone and TPE?

Silicone and TPE are both high quality sex materials. Silicone is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE as the most realistic. Here are the main attributes of each material.


  • A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.
  • More expensive.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Safe for human contact.


  • TPE is softer to the touch.
  • More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc).
  • The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
  • Good heat retention.
  • Less expensive.
  • Safe for human contact
  • Less durable than Silicone - more care is required to clean and care for it properly.

What is the difference between the removable vagina and the built-in/fixed vagina?

The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman. The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.

Which is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace. If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop-out and clean after use you should consider the removable vagina.

What is The Difference Between Normal Feet And Standing Feet ?

Normal feet is a realistic representation of human feet in appearance and feel. However, with the Normal Feet, the doll cannot stand. Do not attempt to make a Normal Feet doll stand because the weight of the doll will flatten and damage the feet. The Standing Feet option adds three bolts to the metal plate in the doll's feet, allowing her to stand barefoot or in shoes without damaging the feet. It is still recommended to balance the doll against some support even with the Standing Feet. Dolls can be stored standing up with the Standing Feet option.

How long will a sex doll last?

A sex doll will last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on usage and care. A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll. If damage does occur it is also quite easy to perform repairs on your sex doll.

We offer free repair kits for any reported doll damage, and each doll comes with a complementary cleaning kit to keep your doll in mint condition.

How do you clean a sex doll?

Cleaning a sex doll after use is a very important part of owning a sex doll. Not only will you keep your doll in great condition, but you will also protect yourself from harm. Luckily, cleaning your sex doll is an easy process that can be completed in minutes.

What’s the best way to store a sex doll?

The best way to store your sex doll is vertically, preferably hanging from something, perhaps in your closet. We also provide storage kit that will allow you to hang your sex doll for easy storage. By hanging your sex doll in a cool, dark place she will be safe from damage. There are other storage solutions as well if hanging isn’t a possibility. Placing your doll in a sitting position, or lying on her back are both popular storage positions as well, just make sure she is not wearing any tight clothing or dark color fabrics for a long period of time. Dark color fabric may stain the doll’s skin after prolonged exposure.

The main things you want to avoid when storing your sex doll are:

  • Contact with dark color fabrics - these may stain the dolls skin if in contact for a long period of time.
  • Tight clothing - things like elastic bands may leave permanent marks or indentations on your doll if they are left on during storage.
  • Sunlight - The sun may fade her skin and facial features unevenly.
  • Extreme temperatures - Hot and cold temperatures may warp your dolls feature over time - these must be extreme temperatures, no need to worry about normal fluctuations, but below freezing and extreme heat should be avoided. 
  • Pressure points - if anything is pressing into the doll’s skin over a long period of time you may find some permanent indentation occurs.  It’s important that the doll is suspended in air, or resting on a soft surface.

Will the doll skin stain?

The doll’s skin although durable and resistant to rips, tears, and stain is not indestructible. You should be careful to keep your doll away from dark fabrics and tight clothing. If you like dark clothing you should be sure to wash it before putting it on your doll, and be sure to not store her with the clothing on. The best clothing for dolls is light colored, loose fitting fabrics.

Will I receive my order with discreet shipping and packaging?

Yes, we will ship your order out in a plain brown box tightly sealed and only your name and address will be on the label. We do not mention any of the contents of the box.

Free shipping, really?

Yup! :)

Free shipping to all Europe, USA and most of the countries, but if you have any concern, please let us know

Europe Import Taxes and VAT ?

Tax Included, No hidden costs. The price you see on our website is the final price you need to pay. It’s our responsibility to pay the customs fees.

How long does shipping take?

Once shipped your doll will arrive within 2-7 days . However, due to unpredictable shipping and customs delays, please allow up to 15 days for your doll to arrive. Refer to our Shipping page for more information.

Can I pick up my sex doll instead of having it delivered to my door?

Yes, if you prefer to pick up your sex doll instead of having it delivered to your residence you can arrange to pick it up at your local FedEx or UPS instead.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Shoot us an  Email.

Customer Reviews
  • Review by 💖 Tracy Mejia
    This is definitely a beautiful face and a great body.

    on 11/22/2022
  • Review by 💖 Laura Bower
    Her breast are so soft and comfy. I play with her nipples a lot and I love the feeling it gives when I bite down hard on them. I also love to turn her around and grab her boobs from behind while i fuck her

    on 1/15/2023
  • Review by 💖 jerrid griggs
    Absolutely awesome! Very realistic. Poses nicely. She is very beautiful and they did a fantastic job. Worth every penny. 5 stars all the way!

    on 1/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 Mark Lombardo
    VERY SOFT and Realistic!

    on 1/3/2023
  • Review by 💖 sylvester cantrell
    Feels amazing and lifelike. It is very tight but when you do get in wow!

    on 1/9/2023
  • Review by 💖 james harrison
    This a great feeling doll for the cost. This is a great gift for yourself. I would recommend it for any guy.

    on 11/23/2022
  • Review by 💖 Jacob Caouette
    Comes just like the picture and I would recommend it for anyone

    on 11/15/2022
  • Review by 💖 jerod thorpe
    you should love it when you get one. Enjoy!

    on 1/12/2023
  • Review by 💖 Stefan Neumann
    awesome . Comes and looks like as advertised

    on 1/6/2023
  • Review by 💖 Cielo Huels
    Soft, beautiful, and a great way to use an evening if you’ve been single. Well made, delivered packaged well. Only wish a set of clothes was contained with her.

    on 12/20/2022
  • Review by 💖 fast delivery
    Very fast delivery and really nice items. I will surely order again.

    on 12/27/2022
  • Review by 💖 Lukas Wozniak
    Big breast maybe D cup i like it very much and the anal sex made me happy !

    on 12/31/2022
  • Review by 💖 Lisette Gusikowski
    Great costumer service, with fast response and willing to help with any questions the costumer may have.

    on 1/18/2023
  • Review by 💖 Lisette Gusikowski
    Great costumer service, with fast response and willing to help with any questions the costumer may have.

    on 1/29/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jonathon BRADFORD
    As sexual appliances go, this one is well made and should afford you with many hours of excellent recreation.

    on 12/23/2022
  • Review by 💖 Gennaro Dickens
    Great! Customer service is very good.

    on 12/28/2022
  • Review by 💖 Corine Davis
    The quality of the doll is very good, recommend ussextoy.

    on 1/5/2023
  • Review by 💖 jeffrey holmes
    She is super realistic! I’m lucky to meet her and own her!

    on 12/13/2022
  • Review by 💖 Arteon
    I just got the doll. Beautiful doll!
    on 1/23/2023
  • Review by 💖 lovely doll.
    The doll is reasonably priced. She is a high quality lovely doll.

    on 11/18/2022
  • Review by 💖 Donny Tran
    This time shopping makes me very happy because the doll is very beautiful.

    on 12/2/2022
  • Review by 💖 amazing
    This real doll is absolutely amazing.

    on 12/21/2022
  • Review by 💖 Luisa Hamill
    My doll looks and feels just like a real woman, from her soft lips to her perfect firm shapely breasts and butt. Her eyes,hair,toes and fingers are so real looking. If you want the next best thing,this is her.

    on 11/19/2022
  • Review by 💖 Ludie Bergstrom
    Customer service was impeccable! They responded immediately to my emails and satisfactorily dealt with a small issue I had. I appreciate that they were able to work with me and to offer a solution to a minor issue I had. The doll was very nice and the overall design was great. The only issue I had was that the wig seemed a little cheap, but that’s a minor issue. I may try to pick up a better quality one to replace the stock one. Thank you for the prompt service, and I most likely will order from…

    on 11/16/2022
  • Review by 💖 Mike Schneider
    Using this doll is definitely a joy! You can definitely get refreshing “relief” every day from ordinary days. The quality product, its weight gives it some realistic functions, and the use of the doll is exciting! Cleaning is also easy. Good packaging and the included lubricant bottle are very good!

    on 12/26/2022
  • Review by 💖 Kevin Donaldson
    The whole process from ordering to delivery was swift and your representative always updated me on the progress of the shipment. The package was unlabeled which was very good for privacy. Keep up the good work!!

    on 11/22/2022
  • Review by 💖 Mike Tonner
    AAA Seller, recommended. I know that if any issue appears, they´ll solve it. Thx

    on 1/29/2023
  • Review by 💖 chris hill
    The doll has been received, the quality is very good, consistent with the description.

    on 12/6/2022
  • Review by 💖 Clinton Stamm
    Skin is smoooth to the touch and although heavier, the weight feels nice. Easy to maneuver.

    on 12/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Melisa Reinger
    The doll that I have been looking forward to is finally here. When I am ready to open, I am really excited because I bought it for the first time. Fortunately, I bought her at the discount. After that, I looked at other websites and found that only the quality of this website. Good and affordable, in short, I love her very much.

    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Kathryne Daugherty
    She is totally life like it’s so much like a human being and the body is amazing soft with nice texture and vein details; and moving her in any position is amazing,i guess it’s because of its good quality skeleton I’m Definitely Pleased.. Thanks

    on 11/7/2022
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