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Monique - Real Silicone Sex Dolls Skeleton Adult Love Doll

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  • Leading Factory: Price is 50% Lower Than The Industry Average

  • TPE Material: Soft to Touch and Feeling Nearly As Real. No Health Risk

  • Local Warehouse: Arrived within 2 to 7 Business days

$329.99 $539.00
Fast & Discreet Shipping From Local Warehouse
Choose Your Eye Color
Choose Your Skin Color
Choose Your Pubic Hair
Choose Your Standing

* Material is made of safe and non-toxic medical silica gel (TPE)., soft to touch and feeling nearly as real.
* Fully articulated poseable metal alloy skeleton in core,makes her can pose in any position as a real woman.
* All sex doll come with 3 holes (anal, vaginal, mouth) for your ultimate sex pleasure.
* Privacy Guaranteed,Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and with our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence.


Material: Medical Silicone TPE
Skeleton: Steel
Skin Color: Natural
Upper Bust:24.40in(62cm)
Lower Bust:16.14inch(41cm)
Cup Size: D Cup
Arm length:12.20in(31cm)
Palm length:4.33in(11cm)
Leg Length:17.72in(45cm)
Foot Length:5.91in(15cm)
Eye Color:Brown(Optional)
Hair Color: Golden(Optional)

3 Entries Of Penetration: Oral, Anal, Vaginal
Oral Depth:5.12in(13cm)
Anal Depth:5.91in)15cm)
Vaginal Depth:6.30in(16cm)
Weight:44lbs (20kg)
Package Size:(35.43*11.81*9.45in)(95*30*24cm)

Package includes:

1 * Sex Doll
1 * Wig
1 * Blanket
1 * English Manual
1 * Vagina cleaning tool
1 * Clothes(Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)

Sex Doll FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our sex dolls and company? Great! We've compiled a list of questions we frequently get asked and provided the answers below.
If you don't see your question on the list feel free to contact us by  Email.

What is the difference between silicone and TPE?

Silicone and TPE are both high quality sex materials. Silicone is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE as the most realistic. Here are the main attributes of each material.


  • A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.
  • More expensive.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Safe for human contact.


  • TPE is softer to the touch.
  • More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc).
  • The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
  • Good heat retention.
  • Less expensive.
  • Safe for human contact
  • Less durable than Silicone - more care is required to clean and care for it properly.

What is the difference between the removable vagina and the built-in/fixed vagina?

The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman. The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.

Which is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace. If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop-out and clean after use you should consider the removable vagina.

What is The Difference Between Normal Feet And Standing Feet ?

Normal feet is a realistic representation of human feet in appearance and feel. However, with the Normal Feet, the doll cannot stand. Do not attempt to make a Normal Feet doll stand because the weight of the doll will flatten and damage the feet. The Standing Feet option adds three bolts to the metal plate in the doll's feet, allowing her to stand barefoot or in shoes without damaging the feet. It is still recommended to balance the doll against some support even with the Standing Feet. Dolls can be stored standing up with the Standing Feet option.

How long will a sex doll last?

A sex doll will last anywhere from 2 years to 10 years depending on usage and care. A sex doll that gets frequently used and moved will be more likely to suffer wear and tear. There are many things doll owners can do to preserve and maintain their sex doll. If damage does occur it is also quite easy to perform repairs on your sex doll.

We offer free repair kits for any reported doll damage, and each doll comes with a complementary cleaning kit to keep your doll in mint condition.

How do you clean a sex doll?

Cleaning a sex doll after use is a very important part of owning a sex doll. Not only will you keep your doll in great condition, but you will also protect yourself from harm. Luckily, cleaning your sex doll is an easy process that can be completed in minutes.

What’s the best way to store a sex doll?

The best way to store your sex doll is vertically, preferably hanging from something, perhaps in your closet. We also provide storage kit that will allow you to hang your sex doll for easy storage. By hanging your sex doll in a cool, dark place she will be safe from damage. There are other storage solutions as well if hanging isn’t a possibility. Placing your doll in a sitting position, or lying on her back are both popular storage positions as well, just make sure she is not wearing any tight clothing or dark color fabrics for a long period of time. Dark color fabric may stain the doll’s skin after prolonged exposure.

The main things you want to avoid when storing your sex doll are:

  • Contact with dark color fabrics - these may stain the dolls skin if in contact for a long period of time.
  • Tight clothing - things like elastic bands may leave permanent marks or indentations on your doll if they are left on during storage.
  • Sunlight - The sun may fade her skin and facial features unevenly.
  • Extreme temperatures - Hot and cold temperatures may warp your dolls feature over time - these must be extreme temperatures, no need to worry about normal fluctuations, but below freezing and extreme heat should be avoided. 
  • Pressure points - if anything is pressing into the doll’s skin over a long period of time you may find some permanent indentation occurs.  It’s important that the doll is suspended in air, or resting on a soft surface.

Will the doll skin stain?

The doll’s skin although durable and resistant to rips, tears, and stain is not indestructible. You should be careful to keep your doll away from dark fabrics and tight clothing. If you like dark clothing you should be sure to wash it before putting it on your doll, and be sure to not store her with the clothing on. The best clothing for dolls is light colored, loose fitting fabrics.

Will I receive my order with discreet shipping and packaging?

Yes, we will ship your order out in a plain brown box tightly sealed and only your name and address will be on the label. We do not mention any of the contents of the box.

Free shipping, really?

Yup! :)

Free shipping to all Europe, USA and most of the countries, but if you have any concern, please let us know

Europe Import Taxes and VAT ?

Tax Included, No hidden costs. The price you see on our website is the final price you need to pay. It’s our responsibility to pay the customs fees.

How long does shipping take?

Once shipped your doll will arrive within 2-7 days . However, due to unpredictable shipping and customs delays, please allow up to 15 days for your doll to arrive. Refer to our Shipping page for more information.

Can I pick up my sex doll instead of having it delivered to my door?

Yes, if you prefer to pick up your sex doll instead of having it delivered to your residence you can arrange to pick it up at your local FedEx or UPS instead.

Don’t see an answer to your question? Shoot us an  Email.

Customer Reviews
  • Review by 💖 Ashton Labadie
    Delivered as ordered and on time. Will order another.

    on 1/25/2023
  • Review by 💖 Rachael Story
    No problems at all. Good communication and delivery as promised.

    on 11/27/2022
  • Review by 💖 Layne Smith
    email communication was very good (prompt, clear and efficient).

    on 2/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 Allen Gruber
    Quality work. I just wish there was a way to bring her up to 98.6 degrees!

    on 12/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Cole Koss
    Excellent Customer Service, Beautiful,function, Lifelike Products,Thank you
    on 1/17/2023
  • Review by 💖 James Kasper
    No problems at all. Good communication. Product arrived on time in good condition.

    on 12/11/2022
  • Review by 💖 greg fagan
    I am having fun with my doll. This is a real website for dolls. Thank you so much USsextoy.

    on 12/21/2022
  • Review by 💖 jason furtado
    great selection, high quality dolls, helpful chat reps. i highly recommend this website

    on 12/1/2022
  • Review by 💖 Frederick Weddington
    Great communication, fast shipment, excellent product quality, top notch. Will recommend.

    on 12/23/2022
  • Review by 💖 T Richard J Miles
    the product was perfect just the right size and the right price for the sheer size of it!

    on 12/1/2022
  • Review by 💖 Andrew Jenkinson
    I like that they sent me photos of the finished product and asked for my OK before shipping it out.

    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Donny Mertz
    I am very happy with the doll and they gave me a very good price so im gonna give it 5 stars. Thanks

    on 1/20/2023
  • Review by 💖 Brantly Stewart
    USsextoy has been the best experience, I highly recommend purchasing from them and I definitely will do so in the future.
    on 1/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 Ross Grismer
    My experience with USsextoy was a good one. I recommend them as trustworthy sellers to anyone who might have doubts about them

    on 12/2/2022
  • Review by 💖 Keith Castillo
    Incredible service. My doll is fantastic. She really blows me away. She is absolutely beautiful. I'm completely happy.

    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Keith Castillo
    The doll was manufactured and delivered well before the delivery date. I was always kept informed and the service was top notch.

    on 11/29/2022
  • Review by 💖 Alex Rodriguez
    Great communication the doll looks exactly as in pictures and the delivery was super fast .

    on 1/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jeel Bhakhar
    Very satisfied with my purchase and surprised with how realistic she is. Excellent customer service highly recommend
    on 1/21/2023
  • Review by 💖 Robert Druin
    Shipping was pretty quick, everything was as listed, had no issues. The staff was quick to contact me (by email) and confirm all the specs.

    on 2/1/2023
  • Review by 💖 Agapito Martinez
    Every time I’ve had to reach out to USsextoy they have always been extremely nice and helpful, and are always quick to reply. They genuinely seem to care about your experience and want to make sure that everything is right. They were great through the whole shipping process, as well as answering all my questions the months following. I’ve asked them about repairs, or about purchasing things outside their accessories, or even about The Doll Forum, and they always do what they can to help and make you feel welcome in the community. As far as the doll herself, she arrived in fantastic condition. I’ve had her for seven months now and she is just as soft as she was the day I got her (with proper care and maintenance of course). Despite my best efforts I have dropped and/or hit her pretty hard, but she is still in great shape, the dolls are a lot more durable than they look. Overall I would highly recommend USsextoy , I know that I am going to stick with them from now on.

    on 1/26/2023
  • Review by 💖 Marlyn Corrales
    The customer service was excellent and the actual Doll is better then expected. Very good!

    on 1/12/2023
  • Review by 💖 Dezerae Scherle
    I was a customer to USsextoy once and very happy with them highly recommend and trust worthy if i want another doll i,ll stick with USsextoy well done team!

    on 11/21/2022
  • Review by 💖 Frederic Dubois
    Excellent service! I got e-mails and updates through the entire service, and they were very helpful with any questions I had. Would recommend.
    on 1/28/2023
  • Review by 💖 Denisha Embry
    This is a great company, very straight forward in their business deals. Excellent pricing, great products! What more could you want? 5/5 recommended very highly.

    on 12/7/2022
  • Review by 💖 Marquise Considine
    Customer service reps are exceptional! I had constant updates, pictures and was accommodated easily.

    The product itself is amazing and I look forward to my next one.
    on 11/22/2022
  • Review by 💖 Bella Weissnat
    First doll and I love it, I will say as an ass man I was hoping for a little bit bigger booty, but that is of no fault to the maker. Good quality and no problems.

    on 11/13/2022
  • Review by 💖 Antonette Davis
    Excellent customer service, they helped me get exactly what I wanted, at a great price. Top quality product. I will absolutely shop with them again. Once more, thank you USsextoy!

    on 11/25/2022
  • Review by 💖 Ronnie Peak
    * Great pricing
    * High quality product
    * Shipping without any issues

    --> Great overall shopping experience, 5/5 stars
    on 1/21/2023
  • Review by 💖 Frank Caterer
    Amazing Service! The Shavonne doll is the heaviest doll out there and was very concerned about its shipping process. It was easy and very communicative and will order again.

    on 11/12/2022
  • Review by 💖 Erin Sugerik
    Simple. I got my doll and life has been great since I now pay modern women no attention. Would recommend to any man looking for an alternate way to release pent up sexual desires.

    on 11/21/2022
  • Review by 💖 Electa Rolfson is a hub of all collections of silicone and TPE sex dolls. LoveDoll has all sex doll brands in the market and also produce silicone love dolls under LoveDoll trademark.

    on 12/11/2022
  • Review by 💖 william Jorge
    USsextoy gave very prompt email replies to any questions I had and everything went very smoothly from start to finish. I will choose to do business with them again in the future.

    on 1/13/2023
  • Review by 💖 John Kasdorf
    Great quality doll and great customer service. David and Mark keep you well informed and are knowledgeable. I purchased another two dolls from them and will go there for all future needs.

    on 12/6/2022
  • Review by 💖 Ellen Kingren
    Tbh, it’s my first doll. It shipped fairly quick and the end product came out exactly how I wanted. Feels like a great quality product and would absolutely come back if I were to need another

    on 12/6/2022
  • Review by 💖 Mary C White
    I cannot emphasize enough how good the doll is. And the people at USsextoy are nothing short of outstanding. They were excellent throughout the whole ordering process. Highly recommended

    on 1/6/2023
  • Review by 💖 nate vrana
    The order and shipping process was surprisingly seamless. The doll is smoking hot. It is a little bit hard to clean, maintenance can be quite the chore. Overall, I would highly recommend.

    on 12/13/2022
  • Review by 💖 Joesph Swift
    They offer a lot of dolls that look very lifelike and very beautiful. And a lot of options for each doll to choose from, to make her fit your own desires. So it took some time to make my final choice ;-) And if necessary you can also compose your own doll entirely.
    The price was cheaper than on the other websites that I saw, especially with the great discounts they offer regularly. And the delivery costs to abroad were also very affordable.
    Before sending the doll, they sent photos of the doll to make sure if the doll they had custom made for me was really what I wanted. They also checked several times if there was anything I needed and responded fast on my responses.
    I am very satisfied with the doll, the price and the customer friendliness!
    on 1/23/2023
  • Review by 💖 aleshia howe
    Bought a cheaper torso to try it out before investing alot of money. The doll is amazing! And contact with USsextoy is good also! They help wherever they can, and awnser your questions quickly.

    on 1/16/2023
  • Review by 💖 David Alvarez
    They produce very life like products. Shipment and delivery are discrete and expediant. I would recommend all adults, who is in the market for the sex doll products to purchase from USsextoy.

    on 12/13/2022
  • Review by 💖 Raymundo Abernathy
    Their customer service is excellent they strive to serve their customers well to help them get the desired doll Including custom made special orders unique features and more and also if a problem an issue or a mistake Should occur they work very hard to resolve the problem as best as they can.. They helped me get a rea sexl doll that I greatly Desired to have with a very special unique feature that none of their Current sex dolls that they have To offer . with it being a new special feature six doll it took a minute To get the details correct so I could enjoy this doll that I now have

    this sex doll has Great new features that none of the other dolls have I can't wait for them to add this new Type of sex doll to their inventory
    on 1/31/2023
  • Review by 💖 Mike Lopresti
    This is the first time buying a doll from USsextoy and their doll is better quality and more real looking with greater detail than the other 4 dolls I have bought from the other competition

    on 12/17/2022
  • Review by 💖 Grainne Jones
    I paid for the doll on 6/15 and received it on 7/8,it came a little earlier than expected. She is so real like,the moulding is so real.she is beautiful. They done a great jod,way worth the time and money.

    on 11/26/2022
  • Review by 💖 Anthony Mennillo
    My girl arrived very quickly and was packed securely with plenty of foam around her. The box was solidly made. My only complaint is that my apartment number wasn't on the box. I almost missed the delivery guy.

    on 12/1/2022
  • Review by 💖 Dallin Kiehn
    It was worth it buying this doll feels great and just the way I want it to be. Great boxing and shipping too, also really great at customer service 5
    on 12/19/2022
  • Review by 💖 Angelica Dolley
    Great costumer service, with fast response and willing to help with any questions the costumer may have. The website is well designed and has a good variety of brands and options to choose from. Had a good experience buying from them.

    on 1/10/2023
  • Review by 💖 Naomi Jerde
    I recently received my first doll from this vendor. After researching and reading forums I came across this website as respectable and trustworthy. There are a lot of shady websites out there that just want your money for a sub par doll. Or just want your money. After receiving my order all I can say is wow! Very nice quality and excellent customer service throughout the process.
    USsextoy helped me with any questions I had before even buying. And finally after deciding to purchase, the communication was perfect. They were very helpful and quick at responding to emails. Very happy with the results! Will be ordering from them again in the future.
    on 1/11/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jason Langosh
    USsextoy Dolls is highly recommend to be the place to purchase a doll. The customer service is second to none always responding quickly. I am looking forward to continue to purchase dolls from them in the future.

    on 12/27/2022
  • Review by 💖 Bernie Bailey
    I received my doll today and she is so hot! She was packaged nicely and easy to put together. She came with extra wigs and an outfit because I used a promo code. She looks very real and I can’t wait to spend time with her in the bedroom.

    on 12/10/2022
  • Review by 💖 Rick Bins
    Okay so I was hesitant at first but my doll did not disappoint. It came in a very well protected with styrofoam and air bags to protect her delicate areas and some extra supplies such as extra eyes, nails, a comb and usb heater to keep her nice and warm inside. The doll came a week or two earlier than expected so that was an extra bonus. They were very proactive about answering questions via email and their website. But yes overall a very trustworthy company. I am actually a member of a doll forum and they're one of the most trusted companies up there and they have definitely earned that position if everyone else's experience was as good as mine.

    on 12/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Lucy Steele
    What can I complain about? Nothing. Quality was great, speed of response and delivery were great, service was great, helpful and prompt. Everything went as they said and I couldn't be happier with the result. I don't hesitate to recommend SRD to a potential buyer.

    on 2/3/2023
  • Review by 💖 Tom Ansley
    This is my first doll ever, and i never thought I would buy one, but going through my 3rd divorce and at 48 I have no desire to date and i still need companionship, so after doing some research I found USsextoy and decided to shop from their site. I was a little nervous at first i have to admit, afterall this is an expensive purchase online and there are alot of scammers out there, but the staff reached out to me via email many times to make sure that i was getting what i wanted and was happy with my purchase once the doll arrived. Top notch customer service!!!! The doll is BEAUTIFUL!!! Excellent quality!!! I had no idea how realistic these dolls are. She looks and feels real!! I am a very happy customer and definitely recommend this company.

    on 1/4/2023
  • Review by 💖 Felicia Hansen
    I bought my first doll from sexyrealsexdolls and I am so glad that I did! The time it took them to manufacture the doll and ship it to Canada was only about 2 days. The quality of the doll is excellent, and the customer service is excellent. Highly recommend to buy from them!

    on 12/9/2022
  • Review by 💖 Jason Ruppert
    Shipping was discreet and fairly quick with the package arriving after just over 3 weeks. The quality of the doll is amazing, it's soo life-like and you're going to have an absolute blast with it. I like it enough to sleep with it, which is probably doll taboo but hey, she feels comfy. For future buyers: please make sure you take into account the weight of your doll. Mine is 48kg and let me tell you it's a workout to get her in position and putting her away. Make sure you buy a doll that is suited to you and your likes plus body type. Enjoy fellas and gals.

    on 12/28/2022
  • Review by 💖 Myrtice Goyette
    So I was hesitant into making a big purchase like this as a first time buyer not really knowing the ins-outs of the community. After doing boat load of research I came to the conclusion that USsextoy was right for me. Discreet packaging, no register, and a friendly, helpful, transparent team were everything I could ask for as a first time buyer! They made it very easy to navigate their website and cherry-pick all the greatest features.
    I was expecting delays in my order due to buying the doll during US holidays, but she arrived within their allotted timeframe.
    Needless to say I will be a returning customer in the future!
    Thank you sincerely USsextoy team, I can't thank you enough!
    on 11/10/2022
  • Review by 💖 valerie dumond
    I can only say positive things, my doll... superb quality, even better then in the pictures. Beautiful body sculpture, amazing realism.... superb!

    The service? Way above par, quick and accurate response to every question I had. If you’re looking to buy a doll? Look no further, these guys are what you need.
    on 12/24/2022
  • Review by 💖 Jesse Stanley
    I'm more than happy with my purchase. It was a lot bigger than I expected, but that's also a good thing for me. Price was reasonable, support team was extremely helpful, and it was shipped to me rather quickly. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in purchasing from this company!

    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Angela creech
    MATE! What a purchace. USsextoy looked after me from the get go. Doll is unbelievable, perfect infact. Bought the flight case, came to me almost unscratched, was very impressed. Took a bit longer to get to me than i thought it would, but good things come to those who wait. Doll has a bit of weight to it, but what do you expect if you want some form of realism. No problems with her at all. Joints arent to hard to move, and they are perfectly even on each limb. Cant fault them at all really. GREAT JOB USsextoy.

    on 1/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Leo Lozano
    I am a 4 year collector of tpe love dolls. When I tell you that this was a very simple and enjoyable process, believe me. I own 16 dolls and this one was the 156 Iron Tech bbw.

    The doll was made, confirmed and delivered in less than 4 weeks. The doll arrived I’m mint
    Condition. This is the company to go to since their team will stay in constant communication with you. I have a few heads to buy and complete my collection and I Will reach out to them! Great job team.
    on 1/8/2023
  • Review by 💖 George Kirby
    had a very great experience with the people and company and there sexy real doll. Have to be honest had a little problem, but after contacting the company they where very understanding and fixed the problem very fast.
    I have a lot of respect for the company that will stand behind themselves.
    Big thumbs up to you all. thank you all very much. Am a very happy customer.
    on 12/31/2022
  • Review by 💖 Liu Deleville
    As always these guys work to get me what I wanted, and delivery was fast. Guys this is why I’m a return customer!
    I couldn’t be happier with my Product also like all the new features keep up the good work sincerely Randall
    on 11/30/2022
  • Review by 💖 Amelia Rose
    Great products, service, and professionalism throughout the entire purchasing process. With the Love Doll market up and coming USsextoy is sure to become a known and lasting name in the industry. Very satisfied with my purchase, everything was on point and squared away. No shady dealings, fees, or practices, what I saw is what I got, and the customer service is friendly and competent.

    on 12/20/2022
  • Review by 💖 Brian Price
    I really had a great customer experience. Joe did a great job taking my order, discussing and finalizing details. Sent be pictures of the finished doll and asked my permission to ship the product.

    The product arrive was according to the finished product which has been shown to me by E-mails and I am really happy with the quality and craftsmanship of the product. Will definitely buy again.
    on 1/1/2023
  • Review by 💖 Chris Anderson
    Proactive, quick, and professional email responses from staff. Before looking at SHSD I stumbled upon other sites but the reviews for them were horrid. The reviews for USsextoy were all very positive. Surely enough, those reviews ultimately made me choose these guys and I have no regrets!

    on 1/22/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jermaine Casper
    USsextoy has excellent customer service. Every emaiI I sent to them asking about the order status, or any other I had about the doll was always answered very quickly. This was my first time buying one of these dolls, and it came just as I ordered it. I'm still getting used to the doll and am slowly acclimating to it. But it's exactly what I ordered. I was worried this was a scam as well, but it's not.

    on 1/31/2023
  • Review by 💖 Desiree Mcbride
    My husband and I bought the 100 cm ultra realistic Monique. It took 20 days to receive her from the day we placed the order. We are very pleased. Great customer service kept us updated on what was going on and answered any questions we had. The shipping was very fast only taking 3 days to arrive. The doll is very realistic looking and feeling. Looks just like the pictures. She is pretty heavy and very well made. I'd definitely recommend USsextoy to anyone looking to buy a doll.

    on 1/1/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jürgen Geduldig
    Questions and concerns have been responded to quickly and easy to understand. I’ve yet to purchase a doll. Thou I’ve received lots of support on payment options and discounts. I will be putting in my ordered in the next few months. I’m excited to get the outstanding experience that I’ve been reading other owners have been having. Try USsextoy for the support in my upcoming purchase.

    on 11/13/2022
  • Review by 💖 Austen Harris
    Entire order process was very smooth, with the only hitches in the shipping (due to a delay in Japan) that were outside their control. Worked with me closely on hitting a shipping "window" on my week off from work, but then adjusted quickly to move it up when circumstances changed. Also provided photos of the finished product prior to shipping. Product arrived in perfect shape and entirely met my expectations. Highly recommended.

    on 1/14/2023
  • Review by 💖 Allen Scheidel
    There's only one word coming to my mind. Perfection. Everything is perfect with USsextoy.
    The doll i bought looks amazing, pretty, soft and realistic. Very posable. Is exactly what i ordered even better!
    Their custommer service is fantastic too. They helped me at every step and given response to all my doubts. They took care about the VAT when asked for so i just had to wait to get my doll at my door.
    Perfection, nothing more to say.
    on 11/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Stephen Sauer
    My doll is just an amazingly crafted doll she looks exactly like the pictures completely beautiful. Her skin is really soft almost human like the work on this doll is really well done. I received her really quickly less than 30 days, which was great. I received pictures of her as she was being made customer service was great USsextoy is definitely legit I would unquestionably buy another doll from them.

    on 1/4/2023
  • Review by 💖 Xavier Kelly
    From the moment of ordering through the delivery, customer service was great! I received my doll a few days ago and the quality and realism is fantastic, I already want another one! Just an FYI, the weight of the doll was spot on, and I had no idea of the effort I’d put into moving her around, but, I’m certain this is going to get me back in shape!

    on 11/22/2022
    I tend to be very discreet and private about these types of purchases. From when I first made the purchase to the time of delivery, they kept in contact via E-mail, sending pictures of the progress, verifying head, body, and wig. Delivery went smoothly, box was discreet and had no markings of what contents contained. I am impressed and would recommend anyone purchasing a companion doll to do so from this site.

    on 12/26/2022
  • Review by 💖 Jammie Rodriguez
    So I ordered my very first doll with my own specifications that I picked and when it arrived, everything was on point. Excellent service, Fantastic company, USsextoy absolutely delivered. My overall experience was Great. Highly recommend checking out USsextoy for they have a wide variety of dolls to choose from and you can even build your own just like I did.

    on 12/10/2022
  • Review by 💖 Nola McGlynn
    Just received my doll and it was tracked from the moment it left the shop. The pictures were sent just as promised and the product was beyond my expectations. Every question I asked, was answered and the customer service after purchase - was better then prior as i was modifying the doll. The entire buying experience was 'fun' as well as the attention to the details of my custom order.
    Great Job!
    Gus S.
    on 12/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Angela Holland
    If you are looking to buy a doll i highly recommend this website. Trustworthy and professional customer service. Just dont be affraid to ask them... well anything.
    They are there to help and advise you with your doll so that you get the best possible experience.
    Dont do as i did and just go for it and make mistakes that you are unaware of. Please talk to them first!!!
    on 1/20/2023
  • Review by 💖 Alyson Wyman
    I love these company. They have good customer service. They will tell you everything you need to know about these dolls before you purchase it. they even help me out pick a doll and help me with all the custom options that goes with it. So far I am loving my doll and she is very realistic just like what they told me. It is durable and flexible. I had her for 2 months now and still looks brand new.

    on 1/9/2023
  • Review by 💖 Stéphane Fraiyer
    I purchased the doll Monique and made many customizations, even after the doll was made. USsextoy was very helpful and patient as they sent in my requests to the manufacturer back and forth during the whole process. JY Dolls, even though they had to do extra work, the quality of the doll has exceeded my expectations. No lines along the body, a hymen, lovely jiggle physics, and for a TPE doll, the amount of oil on the surface of the skin is surprisingly low. All in all, the doll turned out simply amazing.

    on 12/17/2022
  • Review by 💖 Bo Johnston
    I been wanting to get a love doll for years! I been researching liable vendors! And Sexy Real Sex Dolls is one of them. I recently got my JY Doll, and I would very shocked that I had a touched a human look a like doll! I been in love with her since! Sexy Real Sex Dolls is one vendor I recommend when looking for a reasonable deal and a legit vendor! 5 out of 5 stars!

    on 12/30/2022
  • Review by 💖 Trent Lesch
    Wonderful product! Was skeptical at first but all that ended when the doll finally arrived. I was speechless at the amazing precision of such craftsmanship. In the end, I was in graditude for the wonderful work they had done. The customer service were really great in responding to all my questions and were really helpful in understanding my concerns about the doll. I hope that others who have any doubts whould give these hardworking group of people a try.

    on 1/20/2023
  • Review by 💖 austin turner
    So short version? UPS lost my doll and before even finding out what happened USsextoy sent out a new one quickly and without hesitation. They are always willing to help out a customer .This is why I'm on my third order with them. If you need or want a great companion at a great price look no further.

    on 12/27/2022
  • Review by 💖 grace moose
    I wanted an in-stock doll and this company had the best offerings and prices at the time so I did more research and felt comfortable making my first doll purchase from them, partly because of the other reviews here, so I wanted to hopefully do the same for anyone else who may be on the fence about going with USsextoy. I chose the paypal option for an added security measure, and roughly a week later, the UPS guy is lugging the doll box up my driveway! The doll looks even better in person and feels better than I imagined, I do love it.
    Whole process went smooth and great customer service with friendly staff, Lina the CEO is nice as well. I don't regret anything about this purchase, they will have a returning customer here!
    on 11/22/2022
  • Review by 💖 Shelby Daniels
    Purchased this doll and I was surprised of the good service I got here. Everything was on point customer service was awesome. It arrived on time was surprised how quick I had the tracking number after they showed me a picture of her. when she arrived I was impressed with her . Very curvy and she is heavy . I love all her details. I am a married man and this doll satisfies me where I don't need to go out and cheat . These dolls from USsextoy will completely satisfy you and full fill your fantasy .
    I will be purchasing another doll very soon
    on 1/27/2023
  • Review by 💖 Matthew
    When Lucy arrived yesterday & I opened the box I fell totally in love with how beautiful & so cute she is. We had an amazing evening together getting to know each other & exploring each others bodies. She is an amazing beautiful, cute doll & I would definitely recommend to anyone. Shipping was quick & was able to track. I'll definitely be shopping on here again.
    on 11/29/2022
  • Review by 💖 GT
    I ordered this doll 9 days ago and received her 2 days ago … although she not quite the same shes a little bigger at 125cm , came well packed and very plain box only with my name and address…
    She is so cute with a nice ass and breast.. the wig was not my choice so she has a brown wig and I put her in some different clothing.. her ass is so sexy and she taken pride of place around the house, you guys and dolls won’t be disappointed with this little gem.. with her own personality she pops up around the place.. great fun for those lonely nights in.. worth every bit of money…
    These guys at ussextoy. com are good to deal with and although I ordered the 100 cm doll they sent me a larger model.. she is fantastic.. every step of the sale and with updates they kept me informed..
    What ever you buy you can be reassured that you will not regret buying a doll off them..
    personally I can’t leave her alone and keep expecting her to say something..,there so life like..
    I’m tempted to buy another later on ..,my only advice is get yourself some KY gel or better still some water based lube.. your need it as she is a snug fit!!
    on 11/29/2022
  • Review by 💖 Shadowmare
    bought this from here at one point and was one of the best dolls ive owned until someone accidentally threw it and its box away, hoping to be able to order one again soon but being out of work due to the covid crisis and without anywhere hiring ive had to put off ordering
    on 1/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 BIGxBALL3Rx23
    hey yall i just got my doll on friday it was kkinda late but im already falling in love with it and she is so cutie and she gives me comfter in bed and we already cuddling and sleeping together best doll ever i named her angel
    on 12/29/2022
  • Review by 💖 Hawkeye
    Looked like the best deal so I went for it. Then I was a little worried because my state went into lockdown due to the pandemic. I thought for sure I would not see any doll anytime soon. To my surprise I got an email with tracking. Amazing 10 days from order to my door. And what a doll she is! This is my first one and I would have to say I am impressed. Well wrapped and undamaged. It will take a little to get used to her but I got the basics down already. Gonna clean her up and dress her up tonight for my first date with her. I am very excited. Thanks for this. I shall return.
    on 1/1/2023
  • Review by 💖 Sato
    My 3 doll but my first from this seller.Ordered 10.02.19 Delivered 04.03.19
    Doll that i buyed: Green eyes. Natural Skin. No hair. No standing.

    :D -Smell: The doll that i buyed here, has the lowest TPE smell from all 3 dolls, thats really nice. My other dolls smelled extremly over weeks.
    :D -Softness: The TPE is really really soft, perfect. (That's not really a standard, my 1 doll is soft but not so soft, my 2 doll has really hard TPE, that's not really good.. hard TPE also tends to tear more)
    :D -Agility: It's really easy to move her and she has more flexibility in her hands and feets like my other dolls.(My other dolls are harder to move)
    :/ -Skin color: i choose "Natural Skin" but the skin sadly look like my first doll with white skin color.
    :) -Damages: Normal also like my other dolls. A little scraces but no deep scraces, just the normal from making. A few extrem small holes, not perfect, but also not really bad, the TPE is so soft and i think it's good quality that don't should be a problem.
    :) -Make-up: The make-up always made from the artists that the shop have (If you buy the same doll by other seller = a little different face). The make-up from my Doll that i buyed here, does not look exactly like in the picture, but it looks sweet. Eyebrows looks a little bit shorter and narrower. Eye make-up is gorgerous! better like the picture.
    :D -Eyes, Nails, Wig: The eyes have a great color, not to hard and not to soft, i think it looks like a strong realitic green. The Nails are really beautyfull better like my other dolls (by my other dolls I have to prepare the nails nicely). The Wig is ok, for the moment i have no problem with the free wig, but i buyed a other that more looks like what i want ;)
    :D -Extras: The blanket is extremly cute, i love it, with little sheeps, really sweet, best blanket from all my dolls. The underwear is also the best if ever got to my dolls. (sadly she don't wear the top, because i buyed here a really cute Fairy dress)

    -Doll over time: I think time will show the rest. My second doll (with the hard TPE) got cracks over the time without being touched, meanwhile she has many deep cracks everywhere .. not good quality and she cost me 1600. I can't swear but i think the doll that i buyed here will be better, and her price is much lower.

    Sadly, i can't post a picture of the doll in this rewiev :/

    Shipping & Communication:
    Ok. There was a misunderstood and confusion about the weight (doll should weight 20kg but the complete Package information from the shipping service was 15kg. And it wasen't DHL what i had choose, it was UPS)

    All my dolls: Doll 1 White skin 154cm. Doll 2 Tan skin 140cm. Doll 3 from here natural skin 100cm.
    on 12/3/2022
  • Review by 💖 Big Dick Jim
    Hi My name is Jim and I have a very large cock, it's about 13 inches long as of now, that pornhub penis pill ads, I have a complaint because this felt really good for the first 8 inches, but as it got really hot an heavy and I tried going all in, that's when my massive monster cock went right through the delicate silicone, now this is probably just a me problem because of me and my enormous monster cock, but hey for my first sex doll it's pretty nice, best 13th birthday ever thanks Mom and Dad!
    on 11/23/2022
  • Review by 💖 el
    i’m very happy with my purchase no issues i was a little iffy cause i’m always worried about scams online nowadays but it came on time will be ordering from them again sometime
    on 12/1/2022
  • Review by 💖 B.E.
    That was a nice surprise. I was even sent instructional docs and videos about caring for the doll via email the day my doll was going to arrive. I found the skeleton range diagram especially helpful. I am very happy with this purchase, and I would absolutely buy from ussextoy again.
    on 11/28/2022
  • Review by 💖 Tom
    on 1/28/2023
  • Review by 💖 Tom
    on 11/17/2022
  • Review by 💖 An.khaliq
    on 12/31/2022
  • Review by 💖 M
    Not too bad, enjoy the starter doll
    on 12/5/2022
  • Review by 💖 Babycakes
    Was delivered so fast and this doll is crazy amazing!
    on 2/5/2023
  • Review by 💖 TiddyFucker69
    When Olga first arrived at my doorstep two weeks ago I felt so nervous. I needed to impress her. I consider myself somewhat old fashioned, however very assured in my masculinity so I decided to take things slow. We spent the first week getting to know each other, taking day trips to the beach and enjoying romantic dinners together. As I progressively got to know her, seducing her with my sense of humour, Olga began to open up, both emotionally and physically. Our first time together was magical. I came inside her and whilst the cleaning up process was lengthy I can happily announce there was no smell. I could tell how special the experience was to her. In the past few days we have begun to experiment with rougher play time. Olga enjoys this too. I am keen to report back when we have tried anal play, but Olga is a little bit hesitant. Definitely recommend buying.

    Cheers, TiddyFucker69
    on 1/5/2023
  • Review by 💖 ROGER
    I found my doll to be exactly as pictured and actually, better than pictured. Your Doll stands behind their product and their service is professional and reliable. I am very happy I chose them . If you are considering this purchase or any product with Your Doll, GO FOR IT, its worth it and you will be very happy with the result.

    on 12/11/2022
  • Review by 💖 Alexis
    I was impressed with how realistic the doll is. Even though she is not alive, she seems to have already taken on her own personality.

    on 1/22/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jose
    I HIGHLY recommend this starter doll for anyone curious about doll ownership.
    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Andreas
    You guys have created a work of art. Her flesh is soft and lifelike to the touch especially after a shower.. She’s such a turn when she sits on you and her amazing tits are in your face.
    on 11/24/2022
  • Review by 💖 Timo
    very satisfied , it feels great ,it is so comfortable ,
    on 1/14/2023
  • Review by 💖 Michael
    Definitely a good purchase. The fact that it’s not sticky,oily or a strong smell I recommend this.
    on 12/25/2022
  • Review by 💖 Alex
    Very realistic, and feels amazing. Definitely a keeper. It is very big as far as master batters are concerned, but we’ll worth it. Definitely “loads” of fun.
    on 2/3/2023
  • Review by 💖 Jeniveve
    Great! buy one you wont be disappointed. feels great I cant stop banging this toy. I actually feel an emotional attachment , I named mine. bought some pink panties for her, have to get some spandex stretching panties.
    on 12/18/2022
  • Review by 💖 Gabriele
    Very Nice and so real. I see her and think that see is going to talk!
    on 12/5/2022
  • Review by 💖 Mohdkhair
    real than. soft and elastic. great!
    on 1/27/2023
  • Review by 💖 Tyler
    here all fair, as promised all. thank you.
    on 11/14/2022
  • Review by 💖 Jake
    The package was delivered as described (the information on the sheet said silicone mould) and there were no customs duty fees. The ass is very well shaped, very realistic. The material seems to be a quality one, but I am no expert. There is a slight smell of plasticine/play-doh, but I guess it will go away after some time.
    on 11/19/2022
  • Review by 💖 Arceneaux
    fast shipping gregarious seller. pleasing, by courier is at home. anonymous all. recommend seller.
    on 1/7/2023
  • Review by 💖 Gordon
    Doll of very good quality, very well wrapped and fast shipping. Excellent seller, answer my questions quickly, thanks.
    on 11/16/2022
  • Review by 💖 Hamlett
    Very good quality, beautiful sex doll, very well packed, with fast delivery. The dress does not fit in size, but apart from this, it’s a great product. The doll is almost a small work of art in terms of its quality. Excellent seller, quickly answered my questions, thank you.
    on 2/1/2023
  • Review by 💖 Sandoval
    Very realistic, especially the vagina. However, it is a little inconvenient to put the lubricant first every time. But I can cum inside she with no condom.
    on 2/2/2023
  • Review by 💖 Terri
    Big breasts big butt, very good. It is not recommended for people with small strength to buy this, very heavy.
    on 11/21/2022
  • Review by 💖 Snee
    Much hotter in person than the photo. I spend a few minutes each day looking at her in disbelief. Great fuck and nice person too.
    on 12/23/2022
  • Review by 💖 Sidi
    Great condition of the product and accessories added. Only had some puncture damage to the underside of the heel which could of been from transit or customs. Either way I’m happy with it and glad it arrived.
    on 1/9/2023
  • Review by 💖 Good product
    I bought my almost two months ago but have been traveling with work so I haven’t been with her too much but my buying experience was great. Everyone that I dealt with was very cordial and helpful.
    on 1/28/2023
  • Review by 💖 Maurice
    I was actually shocked at how soft and jiggly her boobs are.
    She arrived in excellent condition and sooner than expected.
    on 1/10/2023
  • Review by 💖 Mike
    Very fast shipping the doll is amazing I bought some wigs, pantyhose makeup and a few outfits on Amazon really cheap.
    on 11/28/2022
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